La surface de dernière diffusion (in english)

Artistic collaboration from 2018 to 2023

 “As bright and opaque as the surface of the sun, the surface of last scattering was the moment when particles of light were released for the first time from hot matter and could travel unimpeded through a universe that had cooled sufficiently to be transparent. It is the first image of the world.”

The Surface of Last Scattering is a film production and distribution association founded by four filmmakers and artists, Leïla Colin-Navaï, Anaïs Ibert, Frédérique Menant and Agnès Perrais, in December 2018. It arose from the need for exploratory films to be able to experiment with unique narrative styles and it aims to assist authors in the writing and development process, before production commences. Through formal artistic research, the works produced by the association explore the borderlands between fantasy and reality. They seek to challenge and disrupt the boundaries between artistic spaces, times and disciplines.